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Lebron James is showing that he never had childhood. Is he immature, naïve or insecure? James has never been picked on. He has been on a pedestal and on the proverbial throne since he was 13 years young. Touted as the heir to “His Airness” since 2000, Lebron James has always been in a fish bowl.

James’ current reaction to critics and “haters” is comparable to a 5-year-old Timmy tattling on his sister Sara after Timmy called Sara a gooey booger. It is pathetic, but ultimately depressing. While we were standing on the fence waiting to be picked, James was always the one doing the picking. In Ohio, James was arguably the most beloved sports icon ever; more than Chicago loved Jordan and Persians love Kobe. And was without ever having won a game in the NBA Finals.
Lebron, I have a piece of advice: sack up, shut up and play. We have all been teased and bullied at some point in our lives. Well except for you and Ray Lewis. Actually, one time someone made fun of Ray Lewis’ mom. This is the aftermath:

Lebron, you are a professional athlete. You signed up for this backlash when you abandoned Cleveland and inked a $110 million contract with the Miami Heat.
I know your ego may not be able to handle this but there are more important issues going on in the world than Lebron James. Asher Brown was just 13 when he killed himself last month. So was Seth Walsh. Both were allegedly targets of anti-gay bullying. According to gay activists, so were recent suicide victims Justin Aaberg, 15, Tyler Clementi, 18, and Billy Lucas, 15.
After being criticized by fans for the first time, you have resorted to retweeting a few disparaging posts. The fact that you have made this an issue is again, pathetic. Moronic. Idiotic! You continue to damage your image and continue to lose fans that admire your unparalleled athletic prowess and ability to play basketball. To cap it all off you played the race card? Be more insecure.
Grow up. Let us hope that Lebron will not always suffer from “Gary Coleman/Michael Jackson Syndrome” so I never have to consider the comparison between “Bron Bron” and Peter Pan ever again – thank God he did not go to Boston. (Side note – Justin Bieber’s future is looking grim.)

Please Lebron James King of the Universe, for your sake and ours stick to playing basketball and like you keep implying you are going to do use this for motivation, but stop creating this bad soap opera.